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Botanical Medicine

Plant substances have been utilized safely and effectively for centuries in the prevention and treatment of disease. Their clinical uses and effects are described in detail in traditional literature, and they are the subject of an increasing amount of new scientific research. Documentation exists that demonstrates the safe and effective use of many botanical medicines over generations. Botanical medicines have pharmacological properties that necessitate their use by appropriately trained health care providers.

How are they used?  Teas, capsules, and tinctures are the common ways herbs are delivered. A tincture is a liquid extract made from soaking fresh or dried herbs in alcohol.  Tinctures have many advantages over the modern modes of delivery such as capsules, soft gels and tablets. The bio-availability of tinctures is very high in comparison, because unlike pills, tinctures don’t rely on digestion to break them down. Tinctures are readily absorbed by the body, beginning their work in the bloodstream almost as soon as they enter the mouth, a very significant benefit.

Botanical medicine can benefit all patients, from children to adults, for many health concerns.