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Laboratory Testing

At Harmony Health Clinic we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and getting to the root cause of your symptoms. This may require laboratory tests that are not covered by SaskHealth.

Blood test: Requisitions for blood work can be taken to any Life Labs location.

Digestive Function

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis: Stool test for complete intestinal assessment. Information about digestion, absorption, bacterial and yeast overgrowth, inflammation and immune function.
  • Comprehensive Parasitology: Thorough stool analysis to detect the presence of parasites, bacteria or fungal pathogens as well as levels of beneficial bacteria.
  • Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity: Stool test for pathogenic bacteria and specific effective treatments.
  • Yeast Culture & Sensitivity: Stool test for pathogenic yeast (including Candida) and specific effective treatments
  • Organic Acid Test (OAT): ┬áprovides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria.

Food Sensitivity

  • IgG Food Sensitivity Test: Test provides immune reactions to 96 foods


  • Urine Toxic Metals: Measures urinary excretion of many potentially toxic elements in the body


  • Female Panel: Salivary test for female hormone balance including estradiol, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEAs
  • Male Panel: Salivary test for male hormone balance including testosterone, estradiol, DHEAs and cortisol.
  • Adrenal Function: Salivary test for adrenal cortisol secretion to assess levels of stress hormones & adrenal fatigue