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Product of the Month – Natural Remedies for Allergies

Reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies with these tried and true products that support your immune system without causing drowsiness and lethargy

Natural Allergy Remedy Products – Special Pricing in May

  • Pascallerg – A natural anti-histamine tablet that works quickly to reduce symptoms of allergies
  • Quercitin – Stop allergies before they start with this natural allergy treatment that also supports your immune system against seasonal colds.
  • Allergy Relief – For those of you that suffer allergies all year round, these drops are very effective and reduce the need for pharmaceutical anti-histamines
  • Seasonal Allergies – These drops work wonders, especially for those that do not like to take pills

These supplements will help ensure you are able to enjoy the weather and the great outdoors without the risk of allergies.

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