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Healthy Skincare Options

As we all continue to get outside more often and spend hours in the garden, walking in nature, or simply sitting with a book or friends and enjoying the sun, we need to be mindful of both the up and downsides of too much sun. Yes, the sun is the natural source of Vitamin D, that super Vitamin we’ve all heard so much about recently, but the sun is also a source of UV rays that over time can cause damage.

Knowing what you are putting ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body since we absorb most of what we put on our skin.  So if you wouldn’t want to eat your suntan lotion, don’t put it on your skin.  Read the ingredients of all of your skincare products, do they look scary?  Most are.  I have recently learned about Beauty Counter and have started to carry some of their products for this very reason.  I want to know what we are ‘ingesting’ when we apply our skincare products. There are also a number of neutraceuticals available to help support healthy skin, from the INSIDE.  

Here are a few I recommend and have available for you:

Beauty Counter Sunscreens allow us to benefit from the sun without having to drown ourselves in toxic chemicals. View the product here.

Collagen is a wonderful skin support as it helps us keep the natural elasticity in our skin minimizing laugh lines and wisdom wrinkles. View the product here.

Synergy C is a wonderful combo of skin-protecting antioxidants and nutrients like Sea Buckthorn which helps to nourish our skin. View the product here.

One of my newest favourites is UV Protect, which as its name implies, helps to protect our skin from the damage of UV rays by supporting our natural ability to avoid sunburns. View the product here.

I can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated at this time of year for your internal organs, but also for your skin.  It sounds almost too easy, but it’s true, getting your 8 glasses of water (with added Re-Hydrateelectrolytes with collagen if desired) is a sure way to enhance your glow from the inside out. View the product here.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year!!

See you in the sun 🙂

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