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As we all know too well COVID has brought a lot of change to everyone’s lives.  Some of the changes have been really positive and some not so much.  I heard from many of you that although you missed seeing friends and loved ones, you relished the slower pace that has been imposed on us. It also gave many of us time to reflect on what is important in our lives, and what was not, what to keep moving forward, and what to let go of.

Personally, having had to work from home for 7 weeks was in many ways a blessing.  Although I missed seeing many of my patients face to face I learned to embrace virtual consults while minimizing my commute significantly. And so as we all start to rebuild our new reality I am making some adjustments to my schedule.  Truthfully there were times I felt like a hypocrite telling my patients to incorporate various lifestyle changes into their health routine, while I burned the candle at both ends, feeling like the opposite of healthy!  I regularly suggested treatment and lifestyle options that I should have been taking the time to incorporate myself, but due to my schedule, I found it nearly impossible to do so.  It has been humbling and very enlightening.

And so, I am taking a huge leap to prove my authenticity and to start to walk my talk in order to truly provide the best medicine to all of my patients.  I have therefore made a decision to reduce my days in Estevan to only Mondays and increase my time at my own clinic in Windthorst. I will offer in-person and virtual consults as needed for all of my patients.  For some this may be a bit of an adjustment, but for others, I know that this will be a huge benefit as it will reduce driving times and add time to your lives as well.

I am excited to work with all of my present and future patients as we continue to rebuild and adjust to life as we now know it.  I continue to think in terms of Lemonade, not Lemons and so toast you all to a cold refreshing glass of Lemonade to welcome in summer 2020!

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Dr Wendy

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